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The ZEN♦MEN's Group ◊ Peer MEN's Groups for Inner-Growth
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♦ ♦ ♦ PLEASE NOTE these Important DETAILS ♦ ♦ ♦


• Group is NOT drop-in
• It is a membership-only group
• Group is a strong dedicated weekly commitment
• Group members maintain total confidentiality
• Group size is limited & closed to outside visitation at all times
• Group membership is multi-ethnic / multi-diverse
• Group itself is non-religious
• Group ages usually range from 30 to mid-50’s
...We have so much to share with each other with an age-span
• Group is totally funded by your voluntary monthly donations

If you LIVE or WORK closer to our meetings –
it's so much easier for you to attend our local
Weekly Groups on a committed weekly basis.

____________________________________________________. WHO COMES TO A MEN'S GROUP ? What kinda guys ?So, we got contractors, we got corporate guys, we got teachers,
we got software guys, we got professionals, we got a biker, we
got a witch doctor... basically thinkers. We've gotten some good
guys here... Ages run from a 32 year old creative guy to a
40-something attorney to a 60ish teacher. The pool of wisdom
'experiences' is tremendous! It even gets brilliant in here at times!
In your own NEW peer-group, it will be up to that group itself
to endorse the future men that will join that group.... you'll see...

Through our experiences of weekly Men's Group, we've solidly
become remarkably friendly, easy-going, patient and genuinely
interested in other humans. We've learned to listen with concern.
We've slowly evolved into very sincere & compassionate men.
Men's Group is not a quick-fix, change takes time, support
and stick-to-it-ness. Now each of us is out in the world doing
this on behalf of ourselves and other men. ManKind !

Most men today need some 'conscious' sort of inner-work
towards their own inner-peace! The world needs peace-filled
men who care! HOW much do I know about where I'm blind?...

The other men will let me know !
"...a change of Heart changes Everything "
. On HOMOPHOBIA: Group membership so far has been
all 'straight' men ~ so don't go get all 'homophobic' & bent out
of shape when we DO say... We've always been solidly gay,
bi, feminist friendly, 'supportive' & 'affirmative' -- We lovingly
acknowledge all other peoples, their colors, and their civil,
religious, gender and their sexual preferences / expressions
of LGBTQ. We support all consensual/consenting family
partnerings & groupings that are based in loving-kindness
& skillful social responsibility and humanistic concerns.

BTW - By The Way: If you or someone you know is sincerely
seeking a really good gay/bi-oriented men's group & community -
visit http://www.gaymensmedicinecircle.org/ -- an intelligent and
long established, quality, premier West Hollywood gay men's
open group holding the finest of values & personal integrity -
a spirited, poetic, solid bunch of guys with a very caring,
healthy attitude.

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is always all about

and 'RELATING' with your Truth –
and staying 'Connected' . . .
internally as w
ell as externally.

CONTACT: A Big RAP about the Phone
Just Phone 310-450-2268 to inquire more
about The ZEN♦MEN's Group. No emails please.
Ask for AKASA LEVI, so you two guys can talk directly -
Especially to ASK A BUNCH of QUESTIONS and
To Get Lot's of DETAILS that you will really need.

On Playing PHONE TAG...
which will probably happen.

The BEST PHONE HOURS for contact are Noon to 6pm,
Mon-Fri. You may get a Voice Mail. So leave a message.
Please leave a very complete message: best land.line
phone # and your Cell # - actually BOTH if you will.
We'd like to talk with you 'live', not write emails back & forth.
( tho' at some point we'd need your Your EMAIL edress so we can
send you directions etc.) and please speak very slowly & clearly.
Please Make yourself EASY to contact !
We'll phone you back. AND, you may have to call us back
if you don't hear from us in a reasonable amount of time -
if you're really interested - please be persistent ! thanks...

From there, we may just have to phone-tag a bit to actually
set up a much better 'phone-time' to have a much more
lengthy informative conversation with each other, live....

And hey, there's No Sales Pitch. There's No Obligations.
Nobody's gonna talk you into shit. Trust in that! And yes,
you DO need to know more - much more! Use the Phone.

It’s just too labor-intensive to write emails to convey
these 'serious ideas'. Inquiry must be voice to voice
from here on. We want the conversation to be 'relevant'
directly to you! So we'd to have a phone-conversation -
about who 'you' are - about who 'we' are - about what a
'men's group' is all about & what YOU NEED out of this -
and especially how you will be getting to do your 'work'
on yourself thru actually being in 'your own' men's group!

PHONE US. Email is too ‘impersonal’. Men's Group is
about 'talking' & 'connecting' and we're interested in men
that are actually willing to try n' deeply relate from deep
inside themselves.

We're looking forward to actually 'speaking' with you 'live'...
Thanks for reading & hearing all this rap n' crap !
Hey, at least check it out!

... Our best to ya' ~ Akasa Levi
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Hey ~ YOU PERSONALLY - “The Women” as well as “The Men”
out there reading this - YOU could be really, really helpful
in furthering MEN’S DEEP INNER-WORK towards a "Male Spirit
of Peace-Making" that world-generations might enjoy someday!
We won't survive without 'peace-making / peace-filled men'
and the women who love and support that in them...!
around in your ordinary everyday conversations - and TELL MEN
& WOMEN YOU KNOW, that you heard about the EXISTENCE of
"Men's Groups" - not just here in LA, but in places where others
you care about might live - men’s groups ARE now out there!
semi-invisibly Everywhere !
. Really, make "Men's Groups" a new part of your 'conversation'
• We find that the WOMEN in our lives have been loving, great
word-of-mouth & great supporters in INFORMING MEN they know
about the truly healthy possibilities of a men's group - even about
the mere 'existence' of men's groups in the 'newer' American culture
( that there even IS such a thing! ) ...AND THAT IT WORKS
for every kind of guy! ...and We Thank You for hearing this !
Maybe MANkind will thank you when men stop undue profiteering,
exploiting the weak, and worst - making wars. Be Peace. _____________________________________________
..........IN THE WORLD " ~ Gandhi
"Love and Compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive." ~ The Dalai Lama

“ Humankind MUST remember -
That ‘Peace’ is not God's gift to his creatures,
Peace is OUR gift...to each other! ”
~ Eli Wiesel

"We can do no 'great' things -
only small things with great love."
~ Mother Teresa


The ZEN MEN ~ 310-450-2268 at The L.A. MEDICINE MEN's LODGE
www.zentrance.com/ under reconstruction
Santa Monica ~ CA 90405 ~ USA
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other BIO notes:
AKASA LEVI, DhMA Our Tribal Elder/Team Leader
and Group Mentor & Fire-tender-Facilitator at ZEN♦MEN
a warm, engaging, very funny, 'odd' sort of ol' guy, now 68 –
and a former ordained American Buddhist forest monk in
Sri Lanka and India for a whole decade during the 1970's.
He is grateful for his many visits with Men's-work leaders
Robert Bly, Michael Meade and James Hillman -
and Western pioneering Buddhist teachers ( and gender-
teachers ) Jack Kornfield and Mme. Ruth Denison.  
( please see Akasa's full BIO on this blog's profile )

Akasa created The Laughing BUDDHA Meditation Sangha
and also The Spiritual Adulthood Counseling Therapy Project

for Men & Women’s Individual Personal Therapy • for Couple’s,
Marriage & Relationship Counseling and all kinds of Partnerings.
• There's Weekly Buddhist Meditation Classes and Satsang •
Deep Dharma Study Group • Mindfulness-Awareness Training •
• Meditation Retreats • All for both Men, Women & Young Adults.


The END is Insight !